College and Career Impact Reports

Whether you are still in school or just entering the professional world, there are many different ways your impact shows up. In this report we will provide you with a multi-dimensional view of yourself in each of these sections.

Report Sections

Introduction – We will introduce you to the methodology used in this report – not all the rigorous scientific data, but enough information for you to understand the framework for your Impact Report.

Detailed Keyword Analysis – This analysis will show you how you respond to pressure and also how you tend to see yourself.

Your Communication Style – In this section of the report, you will learn more about your communication style and how you can focus on having even better communication with others.

Your Ideals at Work – The Values Style portion of the report will provide you with insight into some of your professional values, which help shape your decisions and drive actions.

The Ways You Think – In this section we will learn what the different cognitive thinking styles are, your own thinking style characteristics and how to capitalize on your strengths.

The Ways You Learn – This section of the report will help you understand the different learning styles as well as provide you your own learning style so that you can remain teachable and be continually learning.

Action Plan – In this section you will prepare an action plan.

Your Next Step – All of this new awareness is great, and how you apply what you have learned and your own personal action plan is the likely next step. I will provide you with some options on how we can work together so you can move into the fullness of your own potential.

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