One of the most pressing issues facing  youth today is to find the strength, discipline and drive to excel academically and socially in their teen years. Our youth need to develop positive leadership knowledge, attitudes, skills and aspirations to become effective and skillful leaders of tomorrow.
If your teen is dealing with lack of focus or motivation, it is most likely they haven’t yet bought into their learning. Most youth don’t know why they are learning, how to learn, how to use and retain the information and what learning could mean for their future. Not knowing our purpose and our passion would also lead to inertia and lack of focus. 
The Center For Youth Leadership is providing an environment of growth to help young people find purpose, build their strength and find meaning in learning.  We help teens to develop beliefs and habits that will result in positive and effective action and results. 
Our courses are designed for young people from 12-19 years old and above.  We teach impactful, tried and true tools and technics that deliver results. 

You will tremendously benefit from working with us if:

-you are a parent, ready to do anything to help your children do better at school and get good grades.

-you have tried many things including paying for expensive tutors and after school classes to help them but don’t see the results you expected.

-you are tired of telling your children to do their homework on time or prepare for exams.

-you are scared that they won’t be able to get accepted to college and build a future for themselves.

-you want them to not only finish school with good grades and get accepted to a good college but become responsible, happy and successful people in life.

-you want to stop tossing and turning in bed at night and get a good restful sleep knowing they are on the right track and doing well.

-you want your children be self-confident, strong and resourceful enough to solve their problems in the future.

Many years ago, when I started helping struggling youth who had a low self-confidence, couldn’t finish homework or projects because they were absent minded in the classroom, or just hated school, and had communication problems with peers and family, I realized all these problems in fact are originating from one problem and if that problem is resolved, everything would fall into place.

I have helped many families who were suffering from the attitude of their children at home and towards school. They were devoted parents who spent their hard-earned money on many tutors, from math to literature, hoping their children become independent learners and do their homework or prepare for exams on their own. Unfortunately, after years of spending thousands of dollars, their children became even more dependent on tutors for help. 

They wanted me to help their kids become independent and responsible. They asked me to change the mindset of their children about school and the importance of their future.

And that is what I did for years. I helped youth not only find a reason to do well at school but understand that they have the ability to design their lives and have, be and do what they want in life. 

I taught them skills, strategies and tips that made it easy to keep the momentum of success and make school a loving project to do with passion and intention.

I have taught teachers, coaches and parents to do the same for their children. I am blessed to have been able to do what I love and see people reap the results they wanted.

It is truly a blessing and I don’t take it for granted.

If you are a parent worried about your child academic performance because you don’t see the results you want in the life of your children, despite spending lots of money on tutors and after school classes, please stop paying and pay attention:

What you are doing is not working! Instead of getting someone to do with and for your kids what they were supposed to learn at school and get the passing grades, it is better to help them learn how to do it on their own. In fact, this is what you should have done in the first place. You need to show them how to catch the fish instead of giving it the them.

And this is what I have done for many parents in your situation.

Our programs help young people reset their mindset and create supporting habits and behavior that make things happen instead of relying on others. They will find their why and the reason for becoming active participants in designing their lives and finding the intention and motivation to get things done.

The participants in this program will understand how the brain works and they will learn how to command their brain to do what they want instead of being controlled by their old habits and limitations. They will learn to take control and produce new results by creating new beliefs about themselves, building supporting habits and by doing that, they feel in control and empowered.

They will learn how to prioritize tasks, set goals and achieve goals. They will learn why most people can’t achieve the results they want by setting the wrong goals or the goals wrong.

I believe everyone has potential to create the life of their dreams if they understand what and how to change their old beliefs and habits and to create the right actions. The strategies and tools in this program make the transformation possible. 

I know by many years of experience that information alone won’t change our results, so I created this program that shows in a fun and engaging ways how to implement step by step strategies and tools that are shared to get results. This holistic approach will build a foundation that can serve participants for many years to come.



The Genius in YOU!

Did you know there is a genius in you waiting to be discovered? Did you know you can command your brain to give you everything you want if you make some tweaks that literally changes your brain ?  Do you know how set SUPER goals that work so you can always deliver, stay on track and build success in what you projects?

Yes, it is all possible but you need to know how to build the foundation and use your brain the way it is supposed to be used, something that is a secret to so many people.  You can discover your GENIUS and start living at a different level with learning the strategies and tools we give you in this program. 

We do not just tell you what to do but will help you do it the right way by implementing what you learn. You can see the results from 2 to 3 months, if you do the work and stay committed.

Here is how to start this amazing journey of discovery and transformation:

We are our THOUGHTS!

What is stopping us from achieving our goals? Why do we procrastinate? Why do we compare ourselves to others and feel insecure? And how can we reverse all these fear based problems and take control of our minds and build success? How can we be on time and on schedule with our homework and take responsibility for our resutls?

Please watch this video and learn some useful facts and techniques.

Managing STRESS is the most important life skill we need to learn!

9 Things You Can do to Overcome Stress and Ace at Exams!

Stress can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. As the heart pumps faster, some people experience headaches and dizziness. As we become preoccupied with problems, negativity can increase. Since stress affects people differently, irritability, impatience, anger, frustration, fear, and anxiety can also result from too much stress.The negative symptoms associated with stress can be avoided with the right tools.

Unfortunately, stress management is among one of the most useful tools you can use throughout life and is NOT taught in a classroom.

Some of the leading causes of stress, according to students include: examinations deadlines, the pressure of combining paid work and study, difficulty in organizing tasks, poor time management, leaving assignments to the last minute. Many of these stresses can be easily managed!

Stress management is an important life skill that every student needs to learn. When learned early in life, stress management can help reduce the risk of many stress-related illnesses later in life.

If you want to score at exams, you need to control and overcome fear and anxiety.

Access my FREE course here where I share the 9 most effective techniques to overcome and manage stress.

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