Easy and Fun E-courses to Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary Results!

The following Youth Leadership and Personal Development E-Courses are convenient, effective, easy to learn and fun. They are formed to serve the unique need of focusing youth energies on positive activities, leading to increased self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to academic success now and to build skills necessary such as decision-making and working well with others. 

These courses are preparing youth to navigate teenage years and realize their potential.  Our Youth leadership training focus on youth developing the following:

  • the ability to analyze and build on his or her own strengths and improve their weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals, and improve the self-esteem, confidence, motivation, character, self-advocacy and abilities to carry them out.
  • the ability to direct others on a right course of action, influence the opinions and behaviors of others and serve as a role model.

Our Youth Leadership courses seek to build the strength and motivation in youth to excel academically and to position them as leaders in their community and to take positions of leadership in the future.  

The following Video Trainings will be released soon in the order they are listed. The first course will be released in January 2019.

1- Who Is a Leader and What Do They Do?

2- Build a Rock Solid Self-image

3- Not a Victim, Not a Bully But a Leader

4- What are you made of?

5- Take Control

6- Set Super Goals and Check Them Off

7- Learn How to Learn

8- How to Win Friends for Life

9- Your Mind, Your Weapon 

10- Your Character Made of Steel

11- Who’s failing? Not Me!

And more!