Planning and Note Taking

Hello friends,

Welcome back to another session to learn great tips for managing stress and organizing your life.

These strategies not only help you manage and reduce stress and anxiety but will impact and transform your results.The ability to organize is an important skill to learn. Being organized can bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing where everything is.

Keeping track of deadlines and test dates, and clearing your mind of the mental clutter associated with disorganization, will go a long way to reduce stress.Do you have a system in place for staying organized?

Where do you keep important information, notes, etc.?If keeping track of multiple subjects stresses you out, look for a lecture capture app! This can be helpful so you can listen back to classes to ensure you didn’t miss out on any vital information or stress about excessive note-taking.

If you want to take notes, be mindful of the following:

Don’t write down every word.

Decide what is important.

Be an active listener/reader.

Use symbols and abbreviations.

.Use colours.

Revise your notes as soon as possible.

Be consistent.

Improve your handwriting.

Forget spelling and grammar (as long as your meaning is clear)!

If you want to use, a good note taking apps, here is a list of the Best Apps for Recording Lectures:

Office Lens (Android)

Rev Voice Recorder (iOS and Android)

Voice Memo (iOS) …Super Notes (iOS and Android)

Notability (iOS) …AudioNote2 (iOS and Android)

iTalk (iOS and Android)

AudioShare (iOS and Android)

The following article will help you learn about different types of note writing including the Cornell, Mapping, Charting, Sentence and Outline methods.

Today’s task is to come up with a plan to help you be more organized.

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