Rejection! Does it scare you, too?

Hello friend! I have a request before you start reading this blog post. Give this topic some thought and read it after!

Rejection!  It is a very scary word, isn’t it?  No one wants to be rejected.  I completely get it!  I know we all, at some point in our life, have been rejected by someone in the past.  Maybe we were very young but we can still remember exactly what happened.  Ok, it is a bad place to be! I get it!

I remember how devastated I was when my classmates, a couple of times, didn’t want me to play in their games or didn’t want me to be in their circle!  I remember when I heard I wasn’t invited to a birthday party in third grade!  Back then, I was thinking there was something wrong with me.  What happened as a result, I became self-conscious and worried.  You see, this happens to all of us but if we are not careful, it can change our life, and I mean really destroy our life!

But let me ask you this question now! How many times have you been rejected by others? Once, twice, five times?  Studies show an average person have experienced five times being really hurt by rejection their entire life. Only five times!  And the funny thing is most of us, are scared that everyone on this planet would do that to us again!

Let me ask you my second question now. How many people you have met in your entire life that have not rejected you?  10, 20, 100, 1000s?  That’s the thing!  We put our basis of judgement on a very few occasions and don’t play fully in life because we don’t want people to ridicule or reject us! Well, 5 people compared to thousands were the reason we are having this conversation!

Here’s what I learned over the years and let me share it with you.  Hope it helps you too!

First off, this is your life and not theirs!  Yours!  You need to be in control of your own life and not others!  How would you feel if I tell you I will command whatever you do or don’t for the rest of your life and it is all up to me to decide every single thing you will do from now on?  Well, that’s exactly what happens when you act based on the reactions of others to your life! When you constantly check with yourself whether “others” would like or dislike or accept or reject you?  Yes? Ok. I think we established that!

Second, can we control how other people think of us and want to react to us?  Unless we have a magic wand, we can’t do that my friends! Do we really want to spend our energy thinking about what this person or that person might think of us and what if they like to don’t like what we do?  You must be joking if you say yes!  Imagine wasting our precious energy on guessing whole day, what she might say or what he might think, the whole day! Do you want to do that?  Ok, let’s move one..

Third, who are these people that might reject us?  This is probably as important as other points, my friends:  These people are either so busy with their own ego that don’t think about anyone else but themselves and they believe no one else should have existed on this planet Earth but them or maybe they are doing that for self assurance.

Let me explain. The ego is always trying to protect us. When someone sees you trying to be better and you are game 100% in your life, they might feel insecure and scared of this change. They might feel they you getting ahead of them and they are staying behind. So what happens is the ego intervenes and tries to protect them. They then, would find some reason to feel they are better than you, so they might reject, ridicule or ignore you to feel OK again!  Do you see what is happening here?

There might be some other reasons people would reject us.  Most of the time, they don’t even know who we are and what we do and they are too fast in judging us! Or maybe, they don’t care to get to know us!  Either way, why would we care how they might think of us or how they would react to us? Right?  Just think about it!

Sometime people do it to teach us a lesson. They don’t want to be mean but they don’t know any better way to communicate and convey their intention to us.  This could happen between friends and family members.  What do you do then? Would you stop living your life if someone you love won’t get you?  No, my friend!  If they are mean to you because they want to teach you or protect you, it is your job to make sure you continue growing and improving your life until they get it!  I assure you when they see the amazing results in your life, they will even be apologizing for their behavior! How about that?

Ok, so now what is left?  It is you and your life!  It is you and creating a masterpiece! It is you and your values and the path you will pave for others to follow you and learn from you.

Do it anyway and stay fixated on your goals! There will be always road bumps along the way!  Just jump over when you see them!

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