One thing that can change everything else: Self-image!

I was listening to a video on reprogramming the brain yesterday and came across a wonderful sentence: The mindset is what separates the best from the rest! I think it is fundamentally true.  Our mindset is everything. It is the key to our happiness, but also to our misery. Our mindset is what shapes our thoughts, our behavior, our actions and of course, our results!

It is incredible that the source of everything goes back to that part of our brain that was shaped when we were born, until the age of seven. Isn’t it fascinating that we now know from where our results originate and therefore know how we can begin to tackle the source of our problems?

So, we might think, it is easy to change our results by going to the source, which are our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, and just change them there, right? But it is not that easy. The problem goes back to the strength of those habitual patterns that have marked and shaped our subconscious mind and occupy 95% of our thoughts on a daily basis! It is funny to realize that when we think about something, our conscious mind is on vacation and is listening to our subconscious mind taking control. Not to mention that we have over 60,000 thoughts a day! Kind of crazy, but well, true.

So, what to do? How could we make one change that could govern the rest of our beliefs, and inherently let us live life on your own terms? What if we changed just one thing in our lives, and that one change dramatically improved everything?

By doing that one change, we could potentially have everything we want in life, like having more money. We can also find things we want to do in life that are likely more important than making money.

We are completely capable of making this change.

So, what is it?

Our self-image. We need to believe, and I mean truly believe, that we deserve everything we want to have. That is probably the core belief that we need to change because most of us do not truly believe that at the bottom of our hearts. Think about it.

You see, we need to first see ourselves as the person we want to become. We need to closely examine our thoughts, our emotions, and the language we use. We need to reprogram our subconscious mind to align with our conscious mind by directly asking for the fulfillment of our dreams. By changing this core belief, we can change everything! Once we change our self-image, we can become anything we want.

The reason for that is: whatever we believe about ourselves, our brain will bring it into our reality. So, by retraining our brain to think that we are worthy of having everything we desire, we will get our brain to match the new story into our reality. Why? We all know the answer. Everything including our thoughts, and what we may or may not want to experience in life, is made of energy with different frequencies. We have heard of the Law of Attraction that says: Energy attracts like energy. In other words, we attract energies that match our own and that is in harmony with ours. Our dominant frequency is determined by our dominant thoughts, beliefs and mental attitude. Simply put, what we believe about ourselves will attract circumstances in the world that match our belief.

So, let’s stop sabotaging our dreams by demeaning our own image and do the following instead:

  • Let’s stop thinking about and valuing the opinions of others about us! 
  • Let’s start living from the core belief that we deserve the life we seek to live! 
  • Start loving ourselves, our image in the mirror when we wake up in the morning instead of dreading it.
  • Start believing in the goodness of our heart and others.
  • Don’t doubt ourselves and trust that success will come to us at the right time if we keep working at it. After all, life is not a match and we are not competing against others or time.  
  • Watch our self-talk and forgive ourselves and others for mistakes. Specially, we should watch out for those times when we blame ourselves for the mistakes of the past. Instead we should be happy that our mistakes have taught us valuable lessons that we needed to grow to the person we are today!

We are all unique, and there is only one of us in this world. We are not a coincidence but a miracle – a true miracle!

So, what is your way to change your limiting core beliefs? Have you tried something that worked for you?  Share it with the world and please start with me!

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