What Tools Do You Carry to Get You to the Top?

Success in any area of life is about having the right ingredients and tools!

Imagine you want to cook a delicious food from a wonderful recipe book but you don’t have the right ingredients or the measurement cups, scale or the pan! You might substitute some of the ingredients and might use your own judgment to measure or maybe use that old pan that is not right for the job. You will cook something but the result is not close to what you could have accomplished if you had invested some time to buy the right things you needed! If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

Academic success is also like cooking. You want to be a good student and have fun learning and making progress, you will need to invest your time and effort in the right tools! It is really simple!

Imagine climbing this mountain of academic challenges without the right learning tools and information! Soon, the task becomes overwhelming and the climb too difficult! The result will be discouragement, overwhelm, self-doubt and dropouts.

The right gadgets will help you climb the mountain of academic challenges with more ease and confidence because you will get to do the work faster and more effectively to get much better results! Your work becomes organized, and your results predictable because you know how to synchronize your academic life and personal life so each support the other! Academic life becomes fun, and chores turn into choices you make to excel in all aspects of your life. 

The learning tools you will learn not only equip you for better and less stressful academic life, but will serve you all throughout your personal and professional life.

If you are someone like me, you probably know that learning and growing is a life project. When we stop learning, our life becomes boring and unproductive. Ask any successful person and they will tell you they are constantly challenging themselves to learn a new skill, a new way to do things better and to grow mentally.

So the study skills is not for school, is for a life time. They will serve you today, tomorrow and all throughout your life.

There are many adults who have never learned to learn effectively and they still struggle with time management, organizational skills, memory skills, test taking skills, reading skills, note taking skills and more. They most likely don’t know their learning preferences, their best communication style, etc.

If they had invested time and effort in these useful and very practical skills, they most likely had a much easier time throughout their academic life when at school and they could have used these skills to better their results in personal and professional life. Learning skills is a life skill and that is a fact! 

When we know how to study, to have fun and to get good results while learning, we will feel better about ourselves and we build a better self-image. We will feel less stressed managing our work and  life by using the tools we have. 

The very fist tool is managing your time and environment. When you know how to tackle what is on your plate and you can predict your results, you will have less stress and you know that is a big deal in academic life!If you want some awesome techniques to start this journey, email me at alavia.aa@gmail.com and let me know. I am teaching executive functioning skills, study skills and youth leadership skills for many years and I know what a huge difference these skills can make in shaping habits students and to get awesome results.

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