“Azita’s work has been absolutely transformative for our 12-year old daughter.  We’ve seen great improvement in our daughter’s organizational skills, problem-solving abilities, academic work, interpersonal communication and self-esteem.  I feel profoundly grateful that our daughter has Azita in her life, and am certain that her entire life trajectory will be better for their time together.”

Michael G., President’s Club- Alain Pinel Realtors

“French was a new language for our son and he was struggling a bit. Also he was struggling with organizational skills.  But all that changed when we found Mrs. Azita.  She has lots of energy and passion for bringing out the best out of any student.  She improved my son’s  grammar and pronunciations significantly within the first month and he could speak really well within few months. She also improved his organizational skills to better manage his high school workload.  This helped to bring up his grades.”

Praveena M.- Mgr. Software Engineering- Sunnyvale, CA

She [Azita] is friendly, extremely understanding, very patient and enthusiatic in her approach. My daughter feels positive and feels very capable with Azita’s help. Azita has helped her not only with the academic part but also help build her self esteem and confidence through her teaching style. A favorite moment when Azita teaches is when she exclaims “Bravo !” to the students. Azita is simply awesome!

A. Rao- Los Altos

Azita has been so instrumental in helping our 12 year old get her school work done. Her patience has helped build our child’s confidence. I can see the pride in our daughter’s eyes when she leaves Azita with her work completed. She goes above and beyond in that she helps our daughter stay organized and has taught her the importance of communicating with her teachers. 

“We have loved working with Azita! She is patient and excellent at explaining math. [my daughter] adores her and is learning a lot!”

A. Garcia- Mountain View,CA

“Your teaching style is perfect for [ our daughter ] and I’m so grateful that you’re her teacher.”

Daphne S.- Mountain View, CA

“Two months ago I decided to sign my three boys up with Azita.  I was concerned because two of them had not yet mastered how to read or be able to recognize simple words.  Azita took a new approach to teaching them how to sound out words. My children are now able to read and are catching up to where they need to be for their age group. This has brought them more confidence and motivation to learn more and be able to read better.  They now are more interested in reading and doing their ‘homework’ and they are excited about showing us that they have come a long way from where they were before.”

Robert M.-Los Altos, CA

“Our daughter’s confidence level is a lot better since working with Azita. “

Lisa W., Mountain View, CA

“Our son really liked Azita….. he didn’t want to do it at first but after working with Azita he told me he liked her and how she explained things to him.”

Carolyn V.- Santa Clara, CA