About Me

My name is Azita and I am a certified leadership coach, trainer, speaker and a D.I.S.C. Behavioral trainer and consultant. I am and a passionate believer of human potential and I believe everyone of us has greatness within that needs to be fully developed. I am currently teaching math, executive functioning skills and languages at a Learning Center in the Bay Area and I have many years of experience teaching one-on-one and group settings. I have worked in educational, public, private sectors as well as in international development and communication arenas.

I am equipped and dedicated to helping youth reach their potential by instigating self-leadership skills and by growing their mindsets. My courses will instill motivation, drive and momentum in youth and help them learn skills that make learning easier and more manageable. They will help them find their purpose in life and stay on course by taking daily actions.

I know by experience how leadership skills can build action takers who want to transform their lives and have the desire and drive to pursue their potential in all aspects of life including academic and social life.

Nothing in life is more rewarding than helping a young mind to find strength and purpose. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a life transformed. I believe our mind is our most powerful asset and our purpose is the torch that enlightens and paves our path to success and fires up our motivation.

I am dedicated to changing the lives of the future generation and determined to help them build leadership skills and effective habits into their day to day life. I am dedicated to helping parents learn skills to guide their children as they cross the bridge from teenage years to adulthood.

Please join me on this journey of growth by learning tools and technics that can uncover the next level of growth for you and your youth. By working with me, youth will find the drive and discipline they need to achieve and improve current results.

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