Failure Always Comes First! Get Used to It!

Nobody plans to fail. No body tries to make mistakes. But whether we like or not or want it or not, we all fail and failure and making mistakes is a part of life. No success is gained without failing first. All successful people have failed  miserably multiple times until they finally got it right. Read more

Can We Manage Time or is Time Managing Us?

Time is the most precious commodity.  It is the the same for anyone disregard of age, gender, nationality, etc. We all have a deposit of 86,400 seconds a day and whether we used them or not, they will be gone by the end of the day. You can’t accumulate your seconds and minutes for the next day. And when they are gone, we can’t take them back. Read more

One thing that can change everything else: Self-image!

I was listening to a video on reprogramming the brain yesterday and came across a wonderful sentence: The mindset is what separates the best from the rest! I think it is fundamentally true.  Our mindset is everything. It is the key to our happiness, but also to our misery. Our mindset is what shapes our thoughts, our behavior, our actions and of course, our results! Read more

Set the MINDSET!

A couple of weeks ago, my younger daughter came to show me an article her teacher had discussed with them at school.  The article was about growth versus fixed mindset and their implication in education.  The comparison between these two different concepts showed how someone can change the mind patterns towards one that is capable of anything without limitations!  It was such an inspiring and life changing information and it taught both me and my daughter to remember this concept next time we think we are not good at doing something! Read more