Friendships Take More Than Being Friends!

Friendships can last a life time or only a season. We click so quickly with some people and not so fast with some others.  Some friends are supporting and comforting while others make us uncomfortable and upset.  I should note that there is a difference between acquaintances and friends. Friends are those we connect to at a deeper level and we would like to have in our lives but acquaintances are those we respect and we talk to but we don’t share a deep level of connection. Read more

The Thought of Exams Can Be Stressful, But You Don’t Need to Fall For it!

As we know, when life gets tough and we are stressed, our body goes into “fight or flight” mode. This is the primitive and automatic response of our body to protect us from danger and threats to our survival.  When we are preparing for our next big exam or we are overwhelmed with the thought of being behind our work, we get that fight and flight process going in our mind and in our body and we all know how awful that feeling is! Read more