Procrastination! Are you doing it?

What do you think is the number one reason for procrastination? Studies and the latest brain research tell us SELF-IMAGE is the culprit!  You might say, get out of here but et me explain.

John Assaraf, the founder and CEO of NeuroGym, explains this chain of cause and effect beautifully.  He says when someone feels they are not smart enough, knowledgable enough, or not skilled enough, the stress system in their brain kicks in and the fear signal, or fight and flight mode gets activated. As a result, they respond by either escaping from or fighting with the situation. Read more

What Do You let Get Inside?

Are you using a shower filter? How about a water filter for your drinking water? I confess: I do!

Today, I had to walk out of my house with a mask! Most of you know the air is really toxic in the Bay Area because of a series of unfortunate wild fires in the North and South of Beautiful California. You see most people with masks and so I decided to use one, too!

When I was walking, I was thinking about the air that was being filtered through my mask and getting ready for inhalation!

I thought we filter many things before we let them get into our body. Don’t we? We purify water for consumption and for shower, we filter air when it is toxic.

But we don’t do anything when we are in a toxic social environment and we inhale all in and let it get absorbed to our mind, body and soul without any filter!

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Rejection! Does it scare you, too?

Hello friend! I have a request before you start reading this blog post. Give this topic some thought and read it after!

Rejection!  It is a very scary word, isn’t it?  No one wants to be rejected.  I completely get it!  I know we all, at some point in our life, have been rejected by someone in the past.  Maybe we were very young but we can still remember exactly what happened.  Ok, it is a bad place to be! I get it!

I remember how devastated I was when my classmates, a couple of times, didn’t want me to play in their games or didn’t want me to be in their circle!  I remember when I heard I wasn’t invited to a birthday party in third grade!  Back then, I was thinking there was something wrong with me.  What happened as a result, I became self-conscious and worried.  You see, this happens to all of us but if we are not careful, it can change our life, and I mean really destroy our life!

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